For every problem there is a solution but a solution will get after long wait with patience. If we are in trouble to recover files which are deleted from iPod, no need to worry and no need to wait with patience. There is quick solution to this problem by using one of the efficient recovery tools such as recover deleted files Mac tool. It’s one of the best recovery tools recover all types of data from iPod which is lost or deleted due to any reasons.  The software has the potential to retrieve flash memory card files on Mac Operating System.  It has good user interface and flexible too. You can recover songs from iTunes of different file formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI & AIFF by making use of this software.

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Requirements: Leopard(10.5), Snow Leopard(10.6), Lion(10.7), Mountain Lion(10.8) and Mavericks

Let’s see some of major issues behind loss of files from iPod.

  • Virus attacks:  if we share infected data from other devices which may leads to loss of files.
  • Accidentally formatting:   formatting iPod accidentally which might results in loss of all files permanently.
  • Inappropriate handling of iPod: Abruptly removing iPod from PC while transferring data which leads to loss of files.
  • Power supply failure:  when iPod connected to PC for syncing, if power supply fails suddenly which outcomes in data loss from iPod.
  • Usage of improper apps: there might be chance of losing data because of using virus infected apps.

Data recovery software recovers all types of files from iPod which is lost due to any scenarios. It recovers photos, audio, video, documents, and files etc from iPod.  Software uses strong built in algorithms to recover files from any storage devices. Even we can recover deleted files from Time Machine on Mac hard drive by using this software. And it supports iPod series including iPod classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod shuffle and etc. This software works fine with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X including versions like Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion etc.

Recovery software has proficient to restore deleted files from USB drive on Mac after unintended deletion and formatting.  Sometimes we remove iPod suddenly from PC which is synchronized with it, that time there might be loss of files which can be recovered by this software. And even recover files which are lost due to virus attacks, improper usage of iPod, power failure problems and so on. Apart from media files, it also helps to recover deleted documents from Mac storage drives.

Sometimes iPod freezes due to firmware corruption; this may results in inaccessibility of iPod files. This is one of the strongest scenarios of losing all files from iPod. You can recover those files from iPod recovery software easily. It too cost effective software which takes around 15 minutes to recover your files up to 8Gb. Trial version of this software is available in websites, you can download and use it if you are lost files by above mentioned scenarios.

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Requirements: Leopard(10.5), Snow Leopard(10.6), Lion(10.7), Mountain Lion(10.8) and Mavericks

Steps to recover files from iPod:

Step 1 : Download free version of iPod recovery software and install in PC successfully. Then Select Recover Photos option from main screen.

Recover Files from iPod - Welcome Window

Fig 1 : Select Recover Photos

Step 2 : Select a iPod from list and click “Next”, as shown in Fig 2.

Recover Files from iPod - iPod selection

Fig 2 : Select a Volume

Step 3 : Once scanning process is done it list the recovered files from iPod. Finally save those files to healthy drive.

Recover Files from iPod  - Recovered data from iPOd

Fig 3 :List of retrieved data

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Requirements: Leopard(10.5), Snow Leopard(10.6), Lion(10.7), Mountain Lion(10.8) and Mavericks