Mac OS X Lion is the operating system developed with latest technology by Apple. It is very user friendly and offers so many advantages of advanced technology to the user. Users are easily attracted to it due to its many innovative features like incredible graphics performance, fast accessing, availability of useful applications, safety etc. But, having this advanced operating system sometime we have to face some trouble. There is nothing worse than deletion of your important data from Mac in any reason. If you have deleted any information from your Mac computer, don’t be disappeared, I assure you that you can easily rescue deleted files on Mac OS X mountain lion. There is the only option to restore those file is to use the third party application but you have to choose it efficiently. Software to Recover Deleted Files Mac is the best way to rescue deleted files on Mac OS x Mountain Lion, which covers almost all the deletion scenarios. Let’s take a closer look on such common file deletion scenarios from Mac.

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Requirements: Leopard(10.5), Snow Leopard(10.6), Lion(10.7), Mountain Lion(10.8) and Mavericks

Accidental deletion is the most common case that occurs very frequently by the user. The application becomes more useful to the user when the files are deleted and goes beyond the manual recovery. If you delete files by using simple delete key, it lands on the Trash, after that you can restore it from there if you feel its importance. But, when data is deleted by Command + Delete keys it doesn’t move to Trash folder. Even, if you accidentally use “Shift + Delete” keys then also files are deleted from system and you have no option other than the Mac file recovery utility. It is so simple to rescue deleted files on Mac OS x Mountain Lion by using the tool in any circumstances.

The next case when you need this application to revive files that are deleted after emptying Trash. You can restore files manually until you delete them from Trash. If you select “Empty the Trash” option trying to get back your important file from the Trash, all data will be vanished from there. Then also you can bring back those files from emptied Trash using this advanced program because they are not completely deleted from the computer. In this type of deletion, only the file pointer is removed from the file system and there is no information to the OS about that file. So, you have to use this third party application to rescue deleted files on Mac OS x Mountain Lion.

One more important reason behind file deletion is journal corruption. Mac OS X Lion has a feature to protect the file system from corruption due to any unexpected reason like power outage, sudden shutdown etc. Journal files keep all the information about the file after any operation like delete, add move, copy etc. This file is used to reconstruct the file when system restarts after any type of failure. But if this file gets corrupted, file may be deleted and you can restore deleted file in Mac OS X Lion using this tool. Files are also deleted from Mac due to use of different application like Safari, Mail, and Address Book etc. in it. Then also, you may relax as it is always successful in any type of file recovery. If you want to regain photos on your Mac OS X Lion use the link:

NOTE: Learn simple way to recover deleted videos from Photo Booth on Mac system, on this link:

Follow the steps to rescue deleted files on Mac OS x Mountain Lion

Step1: Download the free version of Recover Deleted Files Mac software and launch in your computer. After launching you will see Main Screen with three options, among them select "Recover Files" option and from the next screen select "Recover Deleted Files" option.

Rescue Deleted Files on Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: After selecting "Recover Deleted Files" option, select the drive from which you need to recover files.

Mac OS X Lion Data Recovery - Select Drive To Recover Files

Figure 2: Select Drive To Recover Files

Step3: When scanning process will be completed you can view all the recovered files using "Preview" option.

Recover Deleted Files on Mac - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

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Requirements: Leopard(10.5), Snow Leopard(10.6), Lion(10.7), Mountain Lion(10.8) and Mavericks